Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this another one of those "how to start a business" courses that won't help me at all?

A: No! This is a completely unique and original system that was designed by lawn care business professionals who have been there and done that.  They will reveal to you the insider secrets that have worked for them to help you save you time and money when starting your own lawn care business.

Q: What if I don't understand an aspect of what the course is teaching me, can I ask questions?

A: Yes! We have a full support team here waiting to answer any questions you may have. Simply click Contact Us if you have any questions at all.

Q: What about the winter months?

A: Lawn Care is multi-faceted. Because you will build a solid reputation with your clients, they will be more apt to choose your other services. During the winter months you can offer snow removal and decoration hanging and removal as some of your services.

Q: What about the different types of grass and mulch?

A: Our eBook offers all the information you need to know on different types of grass, how to treat different weeds, different types of mulch and more.

Q: How long will it take to start my business?  How much money do I need to invest?

A: You will be able to start your lawn care business within 1-2 weeks of purchasing this course.  The amount of money you need to invest depends on factors such as equipment, transportation, marketing, etc.  You can start for as little as $500 and spend as much as $20,000 to start your lawn care business - it's up to you but the average amount spent to start a lawn care business from scratch is $2,500 to $7,000.

Q: Will this information ever become outdated? If the course is updated will I be eligible for an update?

A: Upon purchase you will be eligible for a course update if one becomes available.

Q: Is this website secure?  Do you share my information or e-mail address with anyone?

A: Yes, this website is 100% secure - we routinely check our systems to ensure complete security of your information and data.  No, we have a strict privacy policy and will never share your information with any company or individual.

Q: When will I receive the course?

A: You will receive the course immediately after making payment.